Website Updates

Several new things have been added to the website, I don’t currently have the environment in place to put together a full distribution download (which I realise is important) but I have at least provided the very latest lib download. The best provide intended for gamblers best online casino deposit bonus. Appear on. Elevated chance of profitable!

The documentation has been split out into JavaDoc, License and Source Tree with a Wiki coming soon, downloads has been split into Source Code and Library Only with Full Distribution coming soon, I am hopefully replacing my ISP this month and will be running my own machine at home that will be able to chron build everything so we should also soon have nightly builds.

If you have any requests or improvements for the new website please be vocal on the forums, we’ll get there :)



Alrighty then,

After waiting *forever* for my bloody internet we now have the latest version of the Slick2D Javadocs uploaded which is pretty handy. I have pinched the simple text on the right hand side from the old site, migrated the ‘project details’ page over, and linked us up to the forums and download page.

I guess the next stage would be to get the logo set up and figure out the following:

  • Are we keeping the current Wiki or should I create a new one?
  • Are we keeping the current Forums or should I create some new ones?

Both would be very easy to migrate over, I guess its a question of how much do we want to have everything ‘under one roof’ so to speak.