Project Details

Slick2D is a simple set of tools wrapped around the LWJGL OpenGL binding for Java. It’s aims are as follows: The best roulette as well as texas hold’em for our website best online casinos with no deposit bonus. Head to and get massive bonus products!

  • Provide a simple 2D API
  • Make the transition from Java2D to OpenGL much easier
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  • Enable distribution via WebStart without the complexity
  • Provide the tools required for most simple games out of the box
  • Provide an extensible framework for flexibility
  • Mix and Match – you use what you want, nothing is enforced
  • Help with rendering, sound, input, collision, and anything else we can think of

That in mind, here are some things we are not doing and why:

  • Abstracting the rendering method (i.e. Java2D or OpenGL) – with the advent of LWJGL Applets, it’s a waste of time and just makes things more complicated
  • Take over your development – where would the fun be if the library just forced you to do everything it’s way?
  • Fix everything – there will always be challenges in developing games
  • Move to 3D eventually – we are a 2D library ;)


  • Kevin Glass – General framework and base code
  • Tommy Haaks – TileMap development and general testing / fixing
  • Mark Bernard – Geom, transform package along with bug fixing
  • Aaron Roberts – audio support, geometry test cases and general bug fixes
  • Matthias Mann – PNG loader and lots of advice
  • Jimmy – True Type Font support and various big image testing

If you are contributing and have been missed off, contact one of the staff on the Forums and we’ll update it post haste.